In 1995, two Ph.D.’s were inspired to commercialize high Q, low loss dielectric materials, the fruits of research at the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University on Long Island. They formed MCV Microwave, with MCV an acronym for the pillars of the new company: Materials, Customer centric and Vertically integrated.


MCV was founded on its expertise in the area of High Q/low loss dielectric ceramic and microelectronic material and manufacturing.   Ed Liang, president of MCV Microwave, holds several key patents and inventor of proprietary high Q dielectric ceramic materials


MCV Microwave strives to understand each customer’s unique needs and to respond quickly with a customized solution at a competitive price, always with exceptional quality and delivery.   MCV has thousands of customized products not shown on their website. Currently, the company’s designers are developing filters and multiplexers to cover the 5G mmWave bands, GNSS/LEO, and specialized military applications.  A recent survey of their many customers including well-known Fortune 500 companies and startups, endorsed MCV for its strong technical capabilities and commitment to quality and responsiveness.

Vertically integrated

MCV is largely vertically integrated, from dielectric materials produced in Japan through product design and manufacturing. Design and manufacturing teams are located in Delaware.   The comprehensive test capability supports the development and production of all products, as well as the “PIM hunting” services.