Dielectric Resonators – TEM mode

TEM coaxial resonators made with high Q / high ε’ dielectric materials that allow the designer to miniaturize their filter designs, distributed inductive or capacitive circuit elements. The combined benefits of cost, size, temperature stability and low loss materials make these elements ideally suited for UHF and RF/microwave frequency applications.

All SMT coaxial resonators are available in λ/4 and λ/2 types in both standard with tabs and tabless versions and can be soldered directly to the circuit board.

The large solder pad of tabless resonators eliminates misalignment and tab solder reflow problems ensuring optimum performance.

The ruggedized silver coating, a signature in-house materials technology created by MCV, exhibits exceptional solderability and produces some of the highest Q’s in the industry.

MCV offers a wide selection resonator sizes and dielectric constant materials ranging from 6 to 98, designed for applications starting at 150 MHz to 10 GHz range. These resonators are pre-tuned and tested to your specified frequency (± 0.7% max). Packaging options include surface mount (tabless) and coaxial (tabbed).

Material Properties