High Q Materials


Since 1995, MCV has formulated and fabricated ceramics in-house. This provides the level of control and precision needed to produce ultra-high Q ceramic materials with dielectric constants up to 50 and Qƒ > 300,000 @10 GHz. Our material science expertise forms the basis for our high-performance ceramic filter and duplexer, resonator, antenna, and substrate products.


Utilizing 3D EM simulation tools and design rules, our design expertise spans the range of RF/microwave applications with a focus on ceramic monoblocks and waveguides, stripline, and dielectric resonator loaded cavity filters. Our testing platforms can match the requirements for the specific application.

Processing and Manufacturing

Our ceramics processing and metal machining lines offer a range of capabilities including:

  • Forming
  • Thin Film Metallization
  • Machining
  • Lapping/Polishing/Dicing


Our commercial off-the-shelf products are the result of our materials science and RF/microwave design competencies. Our key product lines include:

  • Ceramic monoblock and discrete filters, duplexers and multiplexers
  • Cavity filters, duplexers/diplexers, including low PIM and ultra-compact
  • Lumped element (LC) filters, duplexers and multiplexers
  • Resonators (TE/TM/TEM mode) and substrates
  • Dielectric Patch antennas

TE Mode Resonators

TM Mode Resonators

TEM Mode Resonators


Patch Antennas