Ceramic Filters

MCV Ceramic Filters feature high Q – low loss filters, small size and rugged SMT design using discrete  resonators and monoblock ceramic covering the frequency range from 300 MHz to 10 GHz. MCV’s ceramic filter line includes band pass filter, band reject filter, low pass filter, high pass filter, duplexer, and multiplexer. High Power Ceramic Filters (20-30W continuous power) are suitable for small cell base station applications such as 4G LTE, public safety and wireless communication in 700MHz up to 5GHz.  These can be an economical option for cavity filters at a much smaller size.

Our experienced design team, with over 100 years of combined experience, and power design tools make our design and prototyping fast and accurate.  Send us your ceramic filter requirements today, and we will have a ceramic filter design and quote back to you very quickly.