MCV offers a wide section of High K substrates exhibiting low loss, excellent temperature stability, and high density with tight dielectric constant εr tolerance from εr 9.0 to 325. They are ideally suited for microwave integrated circuits and high Q capacitors. These substrates are available either as bare ceramic or with thick or thin film metallization.

Grain Boundary barrier layer (GBBL) substrates are often used in Single Layer Ceramic Capacitor (SLCC) designs. Dielectric constants in 30,000~50,000 and 90,000~100,000 are available with X7R and X7S temperature performance, from -55°C to +125°C. Electrical characteristics, as outlined in MIL-C-49464, will meet those specified for class II dielectrics. MCV GBBL substrates exhibit ultra-high K, extremely low ESR, low insertion loss, and excellent voltage handling capability up to 40 GHz for DC block, RF bypass, source bypass and impedance matching microwave applications.