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Three Filter Families for Wireless Infrastructure – Ultra-Low PIM and Cavity Filters

MCV Microwave has developed three new filter families for wireless infrastructure. The first is a line of ultra-low passive intermodulation (PIM) cavity filters and multiplexers covering the TETRA and all LTE frequency bands from 300 to 3600 MHz. The typical production PIM performance is −163 dBc, measured with two CW tones, each at 43 dBm. An even lower PIM filter line with a guaranteed −173 dBc is available for PIM test bench and more demanding testing applications.

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Novel Wideband Frequency Selective Surface Filters with Fractal Elements

High performance frequency selective surface (FSS) filters have a myriad of applications in the field of 5G wireless communication and antenna/radome systems. The most common FSS is a two-dimensional (2D) periodic array of thin conducting or aperture (also termed slot) elements etched on a flat or curved dielectric structure. This type of structure usually exhibits frequency filtering characteristics similar to the frequency filters in traditional RF circuits.

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Ultra-Low PIM Cavity Filters

MCV Microwave has developed a line of ultra-low passive intermodulation (PIM) cavity filters and multiplexers covering frequency bands from 250 MHz to 6 GHz. The typical PIM performance in production is -163 dBc measured with two CW tones, each at 43 dBm. An even lower PIM filter with a maximum of -168 dBc is available, if requested.

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Characterization and Modeling of High Q Dielectric Resonators

This article addresses the practical issues using high Q dielectric resonator (DR) cavity designs for RF/microwave oscillators. DR materials and basic cavity structures are described, along with the characterization and measurement of cavity Q. The complex resonant modes and coupling structures are detailed, with special emphasis on the impact of coupling and tuning structures on various resonant modes.

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Ultra-Narrowed Cavity Filters to Ku-Band

MCV Microwave offers high performance ultra-narrowband cavity filters and duplexers covering frequencies up to 13 GHz. Typically, cavity filters are known for low insertion loss, tight frequency selectivity and broad spectrum rejection. MCV Microwave’s dielectric loaded, cavity bandpass filters and duplexers — BCCD and DCCD series, respectively — bring these desirable performance characteristics to a new height for the microwave engineering community.

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A Hybrid Hexaband Cellular Antenna

Typically, an internal antenna may be custom designed and integrated into a radio’s printed wiring board (PWB) or case and implemented as a separate component. Matching elements are then attached to the PWB or remotely connected to the radio with a cable and connectors. These alternatives suffer from inflexibility and poor economy. A new hexaband cellular antenna that is partly integrated into the PWB and compatible with mass production has been designed and tested. The new design offers the benefits of customization and high volume production without requiring a separate matching network.

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